Elizabeth Bishop Project

Elizabeth Bishop and the Art of Losing 
A feature length documentary and interactive web site in development 

We want to do a long form project on Elizabeth Bishop's work and life and have begun the project by adapting some of her poetry.

I have also included a link to one of our trial sketches of one of Elizabeth Bishop’s most loved poems "One Art" below. We hope eventually to update it and integrate it into a longer project. "One Art" has traveled to numerous festivals, conference and gallery screenings worldwide and has been featured on a few websites also. Here's one reaction to our version of "One Art" and another adaptation "Sandpiper" from Brenda Clews at VidPoFilm:

"They are not impressionistic, abstract pieces that try to capture the mood or feeling evoked by the poems but are rooted in narrative. It is not a traditional narrative, though. Rather, we see a visual narrative that accompanies the readings of the poems but that does not literally portray or overtake the poems they are representing. There is a rhythm of camera angles and repetitions that gives a cadence or a musicality to the visual images as they unfold through the filmpoems ... These are both superb filmpoems. Do watch, and enjoy."

One Art

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